Engineering System Quality

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Company Mission

The aim and purpose of SK Engineering is to develop and supply products and systems which meet our customers' requirements regarding design, quality and performance.

This obligation often requires to use specific strategies and methods. The products, systems and solutions we deliver are based on proven technologies, designed with calculated configuration of the best components, thus to achieve high reliability and maximum performance with the intention to contribute to our customers' success.

The quality management process defined for product design, engineering and services includes the application of risk analysis and validation procedures  according to the relevant local or international standards and regulations regarding human and environmental safety as well as specific requirements of certain markets e.g. marine classification societies' rules.

For the services rendered we use suitable quality management and project controlling tools, also individual methods which result from our twenty-five years of experience as well as Best Practice, Six Sigma and related procedures which have evolved within the last decades.

Company Focus

The company is subdivided in two main sections which focus on

a) Products and Systems
b) Services

Products and Systems

SK Engineering offers a range of Products for air compression, air treatment and air quality control as well as for separation of nitrogen or oxygen from compressed air. For several industries, marine and medical applications we develop and produce apparatus and systems for low, medium or high gas pressure level.

In addition SK Engineering has developed low pressure air filtration equipment able to remove dust particles and a range of air pollutants using the latest technologies and filter media. These were designed for the company's product range as well as for OEM customers according to their requirements.

To receive maximum efficiency, safety and reliability the current SK Engineering product range can be equipped on demand with control devices (PLC) as well as human machine interfaces (HMI) e.g. touch screen displays for comfortable system operation and communication.

Engineering Services

Those customers who require certain engineering services ask for our expertise and ideas to solve their specific tasks. We support these requests from our Services branch where we have a focus on quality, the best suitable technology and economical system design.